Agua de Chia



Watch out…here it comes…Blanket Beverage Statement: Mexicans have got non-alcoholic refreshing summer beverages down better than anyone else in the world!!!


Take the U.S. for example: we have our numerous teas, smoothies, milkshakes, icees, and soft drinks, sure.  And at home we are masters at concocting frilly fruity delights, but when it comes to getting an impossibly fresh and all-natural beverage on the street, we haven’t a clue.  So, we end up at the corner taqueria (I’m looking at you, Carmelas of Chicago!) for an Agua de Horchata (rice milk drink), Agua de Jamaica (sweetened iced hibiscus tea), or Limonada (you’ve got this one on your own).   And in my opinion, the best one of all, which is also the most fun to drink, is the Agua de Chia (lime-chia water). 

So, for my sweltering friends in the Midwest and across to the U.S., I offer you my version of a traditional Mexican concoction sure to refresh many a sweat-beaded brow with a blast of omega-3s.  


Agua de Chia for One

Juice of 4 small limes

1 Tablespoon Agave Nectar

½ Teaspoon Chia Seeds

8 Ounces Mineral Water


Chia, when sprinkled on liquids, tends to clump together.  It also needs a minute to absorb the liquid.  So, I recommend mixing all ingredients in the bottom of your glass or pitcher and let them sit for a minute before adding the ice and mineral water. 


Also, as we all have different gustos, start with the amount of agave nectar provided and add as you see fit.  I tend to like my drinks on the “oooh, zing!” side, so keep that in mind.  Also, you can make this with regular still water, but I much prefer mineral water for the refreshing bite.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sdotrose says:

    Em! This looks FANTASTIC!! I have all the ingredients on hand too…I will be trying this soon!! PS lloovee your blog space…excited to follow your adventures! xo

  2. mamasita says:

    Emma……….how do you always know! I too, am always on the hunt for a refreshing low calorie beverage………..Would you have one waiting for me when I come home on Monday night? Back in the 90’s here honey. Mamasita

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