Lime-Mint Cooler

I hear it’s hotter back in Wisconsin and Chicago than it is here in Guadalajara right now.  Woof!!! I imagine sitting at a Brewer’s game, eagerly slurping down a pricey Miller Lite before it turns to the likes of warm bathwater.  Not to mention, hastily slopping on yet another layer of SPF 70 to avoid further charring…  Hang in there my very crispy friends!

So until the karmic retribution of global warming’s angst subsides, I offer you a humble, refreshing, and healthy drink: the Lime-Mint Cooler. Simply muddle a handful of fresh mint leaves, lime slices, and a good squirt of agave in a glass, and add ice and mineral water.  You won’t regret it!

Lime-Mint Cooler

Fresh mint leaves


Agave Nectar


Mineral Water

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  1. mamasita says:

    Ah Emma………if only I had agave nectar at my fingertips this morning I would replace my coffee…………hoping you are the beneficiary of these photos………………love, love love, Mom…………..

  2. Döüm says:

    That’s almost the very famous, good old Kielian (city in Germany) SPORTGETRÄNK…! Emma, como has conseguido la receta?

    La próxima vez tomas uno verdadero, versprochen?

    el Chefkoch Döüm.

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